Established in 1959 as the Public Works Department Staff Co-operative, June 2019 marks G&C Mutual Bank's 60th year!

Through numerous mergers, solid growth and consistent performance, G&C has since grown to become one of Australia’s strongest member-owned financial institutions.

Our journey

  • 1959 Public Works Dept Staff Co-operative
  • 1963 Name change to Stateworks Staff Credit Union
  • 1970 Name change to Stateworks Credit Union
  • 1974 Merger with PSA Members Credit Union
  • 1975 Merger with The NSW Institute of Technology Staff Credit Union
  • 1976 Merger with NSW State Lotteries Staff Credit Union
  • 1977 Merger with Corfairs Credit Union
  • 1979 Name change to State Government Employees Staff Credit Union
  • 1979 Merger with Propar Credit Union
  • 1981 Merger with Youth and Community Service Employees Credit Union
  • 1982 Merger with The Mines Department Employees Credit Union
  • 1982 Merger with Statedock Credit Union
  • 1985 Merger with Regcop Credit Union
  • 1991 Merger with The Friendship Credit Union
  • 1994 Merger with Forest Road Credit Union
  • 1994 Merger with Education Department Credit Union
  • 1995 Merger with Public Trust Office Staff Credit Union
  • 1997 Merger with Port Botany Bus Depot Employees Credit Union
  • 1997 Name change to SGE The Service Credit Union
  • 1997 Merger with State Government Employees Community Credit Co-operative - VIC
  • 2002 Name change to SGE Credit Union
  • 2003 Merger with Money Wise Credit Union
  • 2005 Merger with Randwick Credit Union
  • 2014 Name change to G&C Mutual Bank
  • 2016 Merger with Quay Credit Union

Celebrating 60 yearsAs we reflect on our journey and this incredible milestone, we say thank you to our wonderful members for your continued support and patronage. We have a proud history and an exciting future ahead. Stay tuned for more information on how you can be part of the celebrations.