G&C Mutual Bank has strongly endorsed a new campaign which proudly celebrates the ingenuity and ‘can do’ spirit of Australia. Launched by the Customer Owned Banking Association, the campaign focuses on the relationship between hard-working Australians and customer owned banking.

G&C Mutual Bank is part of a movement that began in Australia when groups of like-minded workers and communities came together to create building societies, credit unions, and mutual banks.

“Mutual banking put people first from the beginning, and that has seen us stand by customers through droughts, fires, recessions, and now the hardships of COVID-19. Putting people first is central to G&C Mutual Bank’s ethos. We strive to help our members and communities, especially when they need us most, like in these current challenging times,”
says G&C Mutual Bank CEO, Dave Taylor.

In January 2020, G&C Mutual Bank donated $10,000 to the Australia Bushfire Appeal via the Australian Mutuals Foundation’s disaster relief portal to help those affected by the devastating bushfire crisis.

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, we have done everything possible to ensure continuity of our normal banking services. As such, our Service Centres have remained open with our team ready to help our members, just as we always have for over 60 years. For those members unable to leave home, we have provided support to ensure they are able to conduct their banking via our digital channels. Additionally, we developed a comprehensive package of special financial support measures to assist members facing the most acute cash-flow pressures.

While the pandemic has brought considerable change to our daily lives, our commitment to our members will never change.

G&C Mutual Bank CEO, Dave Taylor says, “As a sector, we are still committed to helping people and families buy homes, plan for a bright future, help businesses get ahead, and grow communities. And at G&C Mutual Bank, now more than ever, we’re ready to help you.”


About G&C Mutual Bank
G&C Mutual Bank was established in 1959 and has since grown to be one of Australia’s strongest member-owned financial institutions. From its humble origins as the Public Works Department Credit Union servicing public sector employees, G&C Mutual Bank’s business has evolved through the course of 18 mergers and several name changes. G&C Mutual Bank now provides a comprehensive and award-winning range of financial services throughout metropolitan and regional markets. Following a lengthy member consultation process, G&C Mutual Bank commenced trading as G&C Mutual Bank in December 2014.