G&C Mutual Bank, as a silver sponsor, proudly supported the Knox Diwali Mela 2019 on Saturday 26th October in Boronia, Victoria.


The Knox Diwali Mela 2019 provided an opportunity to experience Indian culture and heritage while bonding with the community, which includes members from wider ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


This family-friendly event, which aims to promote multiculturalism and unity in diversity, featured fun activities for children, fireworks, cultural activities such as classical Indian dances, authentic Indian food stalls and also business and market stalls.


About Diwali

Known as the festival of lights, Diwali is most widely celebrated by Hindus from the Indian sub-continent and is observed around the world. Jains, Sikhs and Dewar Buddhists have similar festivals based on differing events and stories.


Diwali or ‘Deepavali’ means ‘row of lights’ in Sanskrit and the festival traditionally symbolises the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.


There are many mythological explanations for this wonderful festival’s meaning and in today’s world the festival represents a reaffirmation of hope, a renewed commitment to friendship and religious tolerance, spreading peace and harmony and, above all, celebrating the “simple joys of life”.


The festivities traditionally take place across five days and include prayers, visiting family and friends, sharing food and exchanging gifts.


Happy Diwali from all of us at G&C Mutual Bank!