A Foreign Currency Draft¹ is similar to a bank cheque but is made out in a foreign currency for an overseas payment. Through our business partnership with Western Union Business Solutions, you can acquire drafts in over 24 currencies.

A draft can be cleared like a local cheque in your recipient’s country. This means the recipient will receive the funds sooner.


Drafts can be ordered at your nearest Service Centre and are available within 48 hours.

1. G&C Mutual Bank has collaborated with Western Union Business Solutions (Australia) Pty Limited (ACN 150 129 749; AFSL 404092) (“WUBS”) to be able to bring the Foreign Draft services described in this page to its customers. Western Union Business Solutions is a business unit of The Western Union Company. Drafts are offered to you by WUBS, pursuant to its agreement(s) with G&C Mutual Bank. Please note that fees, charges and terms and conditions apply and may vary depending upon the Draft acquired. If you are seeking to acquire Drafts, it is important for you to consider the Product Disclosure Statement (“PDS”) and any other relevant WUBS documents before you decide whether or not that financial product is right for you. The Drafts PDS is available from G&C Mutual Bank or on the compliance section of the WUBS website. WUBS does not give you any advice, general, personal or otherwise.