Use our Christmas Saver Account to help you put aside money for the busy Christmas period. Save during the year and be financially prepared for gift giving, end of year festivities and summer holidays in a separate account, away from your everyday savings to avoid temptation.

We can organise a direct credit from your payroll, giving you the added benefit of not having to worry about transferring funds yourself. Even a small of $25 a week from your first pay in January, amounts to approximately $1,250 in December, which can help to ease the financial burden of the festive period.

  • No minimum balance required
  • Add to the account any time – via payroll credits or other regular payments
  • Save money throughout the year for the Christmas period
  • Great interest rate
0.75 % p.a. Interest rate
Daily Balance Interest Rate
$1+ 0.75% p.a.

Product Features:

Saving Features
Minimum opening deposit : $0
Funds available : At Call – 24/7 access
Statement options : Online statements
Monthly account fee : $6 - exempt when membership balance is over $5,000
Transaction fees : Unlimited free transactions available – refer to our fees and charges brochure
Service centre access : Yes
Online, Mobile and Phone banking : Yes
Visa debit card : No
Direct credit : Yes
Direct debit : No
Quick debit : Yes
Periodical payment : Yes
BPAY : Yes
Bank@Post : No
Interest calculation : Calculated on daily balance and paid monthly
Conditions : N/A

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