Before deciding on a card, it is important to consider what you intend to use it for so you can find the most suitable option. It might be reserved for emergencies, or used to shop online and pay bills, or simply as an alternative to carrying around cash.


Your spending style helps to determine which card offers the best value and features for your requirements.

Explore our range of cards

We offer a range of cards with great features, rewards and competitive interest rates.

Low Rate Visa Credit Card

Our award-winning Low Rate Credit Card has a low interest rate, up to 50 days interest free and a low annual fee.

Low Rate Business Visa Credit Card

Manage your cash flow and enjoy the convenience of a card designed for doing business.

Visa Debit Card

Access your funds and make purchases using your own money with a G&C Mutual Bank Visa Debit Card.

Please consult with a financial adviser for personal financial advice.