One of the challenges for mutual organisations like G&C Mutual Bank is how to quantify and communicate consistently the value that we create.


The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) worked with researchers at Monash University’s Business School to develop the Mutual Value Measurement (MVM) Framework to help organisations like ours, to measure their total value creation (mutual value) through a set of common dimensions and shared language about measuring and reporting mutual value.

The six dimensions cover the unique areas of value that we generate:

  1. Commerciality
    Generation of sustainable economic value for current and future members through business operation.
  2. Shaping Markets
    Creating, maintaining and/or shaping sustainable and competitive markets for goods and services.
  3. Member Relationships
    Building and maintaining meaningful and sustainable relationships with members.
  4. Community Relationships
    Building and maintaining strong and sustainable relationships with the broader community beyond just our members.
  5. Ecosystem and Reciprocity
    Stakeholders that are part of a mutually beneficial and sustainable ecosystem, a ‘virtuous circle’.
  6. Mutual Mindset
    Acting ethically, sustainably, and consistent with mutual values.


The MVM Accreditation is a mark of quality, and an acknowledgment of G&C Mutual Bank's profound commitment to the ongoing promotion and creation of mutual value for our members and the communities we are part of.

G&C Mutual Bank is pleased to be the first financial institution globally to be accredited under the MVM Accreditation process. The independent panel of experts assessed G&C Mutual Bank’s MVM Statement and agreed that we successfully:

  • Demonstrated an understanding of the MVM Framework
  • Instituted well-defined metrics against the six MVM dimensions
  • Demonstrated active measurement of metrics against the MVM dimensions; and
  • Satisfied the criteria for MVM Accreditation.


G&C Mutual Bank CEO Rosanna Argall said, Being a member owned bank, we’re always striving to make a positive impact and our MVM Accreditation is further recognition of our ongoing efforts to create mutual value for our members and their communities.”


G&C Mutual Bank’s MVM Accreditation has been an important step to capture our impact as a mutual and identify opportunities for improvement as part of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy, which included the recent launch of recycled PVC debit and credit cards.