As you may have noticed, we recently launched a new website and domain.


What’s changed?
Our website address has changed from to and staff email addresses will also be updated to reflect the new domain.

Unlike a traditional ".com" domain, a “.bank” domain name has strict verification requirements, reducing the risk of cyber threats and offering a more secure environment for members to easily identify. Rest assured, we will have redirections in place from our old website and email addresses to give members the opportunity to become familiar with the new ones.


The new website features a modern and fresh take on our brand, offering a simplified layout to provide easy and accessible navigation. A dedicated news section provides access to all of our latest updates, useful tips and information, without needing to wait for a member newsletter.



The responsive design means it adapts to the screen of the device being used to view it, helping to enhance user experience – so you can view our site anywhere, anytime on the device that best suits you.


We look forward to sharing more of the features over the coming weeks.