This loan helps bridge the gap for up to 12 months, providing the funds you need to buy your new home before your current property is sold.

6.02 % p.a. Interest rate 6.04 % p.a. Comparison rate

Product Features:

Home Loan Features
Minimum loan amount : No minimum
Maximum LVR : If members will have a continuing debt after selling one property, the maximum LVR is 75% during the bridging period. If loan will be fully repaid after the sale of one property, the maximum LVR is 50% during the bridging period.
Maximum LVR with Lenders Mortgage Insurance : N/A
Get Ahead Start Guarantor (borrow up to 100% LVR) : No
Maximum loan term : 12 months
Interest calculation : Calculated daily, charged monthly
Repayment type : Interest Only
Repayment frequency : Monthly
Establishment fee : $0
Monthly loan fee : $0
Package fee : $0
Extra repayments : Unlimited
Interest offset : No
Redraw : Yes
Pre-approval : Yes
Loan preparation fees : At cost
Increase/top up : Yes
Second mortgage security : Yes
Vacant land as sole security : Yes
Investment Property as Security : Yes