Achieve your goals with a flexible personal loan

Sometimes you just need a little extra help to achieve your goals faster. Our award-winning Fair Rate Personal Loan can help to fund or partially fund holidays and travel, buying a car, debt consolidation, renovations, wedding plans, growing family or unexpected medical bills.


Our Fair Rate Personal Loan is unlike most personal loans from large financial institutions where a standard rate is generally applied. The rate on our Fair Rate Personal Loan is guided by your credit worthiness - so you may be rewarded with a better rate based on your borrowing history.


If we determine that you have an excellent credit score and a good borrowing record, you could be eligible for our Diamond Rate.


Diamond Rate from:

7.99 % p.a. Interest rate 8.20 % p.a. Comparison rate
Tier Interest Rate Comparison Rate
Diamond 7.99% p.a. 8.20% p.a.
Emerald 9.99% p.a. 10.21% p.a.
Sapphire 10.99% p.a. 11.21% p.a.
Ruby 12.99% p.a. 13.21% p.a.
Opal 16.99% p.a. 17.22% p.a.

Product Features:

Personal Loan Features
Minimum loan amount : $1,000
Maximum loan term : 7 years
Interest charges : Calculated daily, charged monthly
Repayment type : Principal & Interest
Repayment frequency : Weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Extra repayments : Unlimited
Establishment fee : $150
Monthly loan fee : $0
Early termination fee : $0
Redraw : Yes
In principle approval : Yes
Increase/top up : Yes

Personal loan calculators

Use our personal loan calculators to understand your borrowing power and what your monthly repayment commitments may be.

Eligibility criteria, terms & conditions and fees & charges apply.