A: The Mobile App is a free application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone. The Mobile App has been designed for use on a smartphone, allowing you to complete everyday banking functions on your mobile device without visiting our website.

A: You don’t need to register for the Mobile App. To access your accounts simply use your current Online Banking login and password details. If you are not already, please register for Online Banking.

A: The Mobile App is compatible with iPhone and Android devices only. The Mobile App can be downloaded onto iPad and Android tablets; however, the user interface has not been designed for optimal functionality on these devices.

A: The Mobile App is free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store. Please note the app does use data, so data usage may apply from your mobile network provider.

A: The Mobile App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. Simply search for "G&C Mutual Bank" to locate the Mobile App in the appropriate store for your device.

A: New users - You can access the latest version of the Mobile App.


Existing users - Existing users will be informed that an update for the Mobile App is available via a message to their smartphone, such as “There are new updates available”.

Depending on a user’s personal smartphone setting the Mobile App will either be automatically or manually updated.

For users who have automatic updates enabled, the Mobile App will be updated the next time they connect via Wi-Fi

If users have manual updates enabled, they will be directed to the app store to update the Mobile App.


Please note: If you are still having any issues downloading the Mobile App, we recommend you delete your old G&C Mutual Bank Mobile App and download the new Mobile App from the relevant app store for your device.



A: When you first log in to the Mobile App you will be required to use your member number and Online Banking password. You will then be prompted to set up a 6 digit PIN/Pattern on your device to ensure future logins are convenient and secure.

A: Yes, you can also set up different PINs/Patterns on different devices.

A: Yes, redraw is available within the Mobile App.

A: You can quickly view the balance of a nominated account by swiping left from the home screen in the Mobile App.

A: To nominate a Quick Balance account, swipe left on the home screen and select Set up under Set up quick balance. Nominate your Quick Balance account and save. You will need to be logged in to set up a Quick Balance.

A: A savings goal allows you to conveniently track your savings. Simply swipe left twice on the home screen and select Set up under Set up savings goal. You can then create and personalise your savings goal. You will need to be logged in to set up a savings goal.

A: Closed accounts are not displayed within the Mobile App. You must log in to Online Banking via our website to view the details of your closed accounts.

A: To change the order of your accounts, open the menu in the top left corner and select Settings & Security, then select Settings, then Re-order accounts.

A: Select Logout from the menu in top left hand corner of the Mobile App.



A: If your phone has been lost or stolen, or your login details have been compromised, please contact us immediately on 1300 364 400.


You can also choose to remotely remove the Mobile App from any of your associated devices. Open the menu in top left corner and select Settings & Security, then select Settings, then select Manage Registered Devices. You will see a list of all devices and can remotely deregister the Mobile App from a device that’s lost or stolen.

A: All confidential information is encrypted and stored securely. Payment functions and transaction details are protected by your PIN, and you have the option of enabling or disabling a quick view of your available balance.

A: On the login page of the Mobile App select 'Forgot login details'. Then you will be prompted to reset your PIN using your member number and Online Banking password to authenticate yourself.

A: As with all personal belongings, take extra care to keep your device secure and safe. There are a few things that you can do:

  • Use a strong screen lock or PIN/Pattern that cannot be easily guessed
  • Keep your device locked when you’re not using it; and
  • Ensure your device is registered with your phone network provider

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