A: The Addressing Service/PayID is the component of the New Payments Platform that enables you to create an easy-to-remember PayID to direct payments to an account.


PayID is a smart address for payments, created by linking your G&C Mutual Bank account to a recognisable and memorable piece of information you use in everyday life- such as your mobile phone number or email address. PayID is also the name of the service that enables direct payment through this smart address. With PayID, you can send and receive payments with unprecedented ease, convenience and confidence.


You will be able to provide your PayID to any other user of the New Payments Platform to enable a quick and easy payment.

A: PayID can be used to make NPP Payments, normally via Online or Mobile Banking. PayID is supported by a large and growing list of Financial Institutions. After you create a PayID you can tell people to make payments to it instead of giving out your financial account details.

To create a PayID, log into Online Banking, hover over the Maintenance tab, and then click on Manage PayID. Follow the prompts to create a new PayID.

A: There are a number of benefits of using a PayID, including:

  • PayID makes payments an intuitive experience in keeping with the way we live life today, and does it in a way that is safe and secure.
  • PayID offers greater convenience as you can provide Payers with details which are easy to remember such as an email address or mobile phone number.
  • Greater peace of mind as you no longer have to provide your sensitive financial account information, such as BSB and account number, to Payers in order to receive payments.
  • You have the ability to change Financial Institution accounts without needing to inform Payers of the change.

A: In order to create a PayID you log into Online Banking Maintenance>Manage PayID. Click here to view detailed step by step guides to create your PayIDs. Alternatively you can also contact us and:

  • Verify your identity;
  • Show us that you (or an authorised party) have authority to operate on the account before commencing the process;
  • Show us that you have authority to use the chosen PayID;
  • Be made aware of your responsibility to close a PayID when you no longer have authority to use it;
  • Ensure the PayID name used is appropriate and a valid representation of the underlying account holder associated with the PayID.
  • Agree to the standard terms about PayID usability.
  • You will need to contact G&C Mutual Bank if you would like to create a PayID using an ABN or Organisation ID (mainly for business account).

A: G&C Mutual Bank is currently supporting different types of identifiers such as:

  • Phone numbers (landline and mobile phone numbers);
  • Email addresses;
  • Australian Business Number (ABN), ACN/ARSN ;
  • Organisation ID

At this stage, Facebook profiles and Twitter handles are not included. Additional types may be added over time.

A: An individual PayID can only link to one account at a time. However, different types of PayIDs can be linked to one financial account (for e.g. a mobile phone number, an email address and an ABN number).

A: Yes, you can have multiple PayIDs with different Financial Institutions however each PayID can only be linked to one account. For example, you could use an email address and mobile phone number with your G&C Mutual Bank and choose to:

  • Link both PayID types to one financial account; or
  • Link each PayID type to a single financial account each.

A: Yes, if you want to create a PayID for each account you hold you will need to contact each relevant Financial Institution. Only one account can be linked to your PayID, however multiple PayIDs (e.g. an email address and a mobile phone number) can be linked to one account.

A: Yes. Multiple PayIDs can be linked to the same account number (e.g. your mobile phone number and email dddress is linked to the same Financial Institution account number).

A: No. You can only register your email address or phone number once. If you have multiple email addresses and phone numbers you can register a different one at different Banks’ if your PayID is already registered elsewhere a message will display that ‘This PayID is already registered elsewhere’.

A: PayIDs can only be used to receive payments via the New Payments Platform. They cannot be used to withdraw money from accounts.

A: You can receive NPP Payments from anyone who when initiating their payment uses your PayID to address their payment to you via a participating Financial Institution.

A: No, PayID can only be used for Australian domestic NPP Payments.

A: No, PayID is a tool that facilitates simpler and more efficient addressing of NPP Payments by linking a smart address such as mobile phone numbers or email addresses to a financial account.

A: No, the PayID is a smart address for payments. It's G&C Mutual Bank who will process the payment via the NPP.

A: No. G&C Mutual Bank must ensure they have your permission to create the PayID.

A: You simply need the PayID linked to the account of the person you want to pay. For example if their PayID is their mobile phone number, you simply use the phone number to facilitate the payment.

A: You can make NPP Payment to anyone that has a PayID (via their respective Financial Institution) and anyone whose Financial Institution is a participant and they have an eligible account.

A: Your PayID Name must be an appropriate and valid representation of the underlying account holder associated with the PayID. We allow you to choose your own PayID Name or will provide you with options that you can choose from. We will advise you on the necessary steps to update your PayID Name.

A: The PayID payee confirmation step – the ability to see the name of the person who has registered the PayID – is a key benefit of PayID. It has been designed to reduce the likelihood of mistaken payments, as well as some cases of fraud.


Mistaken payments are a major issue for consumers – 76 per cent of Australians worry about paying money into the wrong account due to an error when inputting details.


When you create a PayID with us you must first provide your consent, under our terms and conditions, which outlines how the PayID service operates and should be used.


We also have measures in place to ensure the PayID service is not used by customers or customer applications to mine data for fraudulent purposes.


If you’re not comfortable using PayID you can still use a BSB and Account number with products like Osko.

A: In the case of joint accounts all the PayID Names must be an appropriate and valid representation of the underlying account holder. The underlying account information should represent one of the parties to the joint account.

A: You must contact G&C Mutual Bank and request the PayID be closed. We will advise you of your obligation to close PayIDs that you no longer have authority to use.

A: You must contact G&C Mutual Bank and request the PayID be closed as you no longer have authority to use it.

A: You must contact G&C Mutual Bank to establish whether you still qualify to use your Organisation ID.

A: Your PayID will remain unlocked until you request G&C Mutual Bank to lock it or close it. After a 3 year period of inactivity we will close your PayID.
If you do not want to use your PayID you should close it otherwise it will still be able to receive NPP Payments.

A: As part of closing your account, you may be able to nominate an alternate account to link your PayID to or we will close the PayID. If you close your account and forgot to request to close your PayID, we will close it as we are obligated to close PayIDs that are not linked to an active account.

A: If you make a payment to a closed PayID the payment will not be made.

A: You should contact your other Financial Institution to check if they are a participant of NPP and are eligible to receive Osko payments through PayID. If the other Financial Institution is not set up to receive Osko payments then you can use the Standard Transfer option.


Security of the Addressing Service/PayID

A: Yes, PayID is safe and secure which is why it is certified to the highest data capabilities and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A: There are strict rules that we follow when a PayID is created. We follow strict identification steps to ensure the member has a right to use that payID as well as the bank account it is linked to.

A: Information is stored on the PayID system in a highly secure manner, using world class encryption technology. Access to a member's information is only granted to the Financial Institution that has the full consent of that member, obtained during the initial creation process. We cannot create a PayID without the member's full consent.

A: A PayID cannot be used to take money out of an account. It can only be used to receive payments.

A: You can request G&C Mutual Bank to raise a request via the PayID Dispute Resolution process. G&C Mutual Bank on your behalf will investigate the dispute and resolution ownership of the PayID with the other Financial Institution.

A: A PayID Name may be displayed during the payment to provide an additional level of comfort that the PayID is linked to the intended recipient.

A: The money would be paid into the account that is linked to the PayID at the time the payment is submitted and confirmed. Should this account not be the correct destination account then you can initiate an investigation process by contacting us. The intent is that you will get your money back if the account linked to the payee's PayID is not the payee's account.

If you would like more information on the New Payments Platform, please contact us on 1300 364 400 or email info@gcmutual.bank