SMS One Time Password (SMS OTP) is a free and easy to use service to help you bank online in a safe and secure environment by utilising your mobile phone as an extra layer of security. An SMS OTP is a random six-digit number that is generated by the system when performing certain transactions. It will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS to provide an extra level of authentication for certain transactions.

An SMS One Time Password is required to complete certain transactions in Online Banking including:

  • Updating your personal details (such as your address or phone number).
  • Changing your access code or PIN.
  • Registering new payees or updating the details of existing payees.
  • Making payments or funds transfers to new payees.
  • Making international transfers.
  • Authorising transactions on two to sign accounts.

The SMS One Time Password service will become compulsory for certain Online Banking transactions, and it will be progressively rolled out to members over the coming weeks. Please ensure that your mobile phone number is correct and remains up to date in Online Banking. If you would like to start using the service now, you can register for the SMS One Time Password service via Online Banking. View the demo on how to Register for SMS One Time Passwords or follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Click on the Maintenance tab and select Setup Security Options.
  3. Click the Request button to register your mobile phone to receive SMS OTP.
  4. If your mobile number is already displayed, check that it is correct; alternatively, enter the correct mobile number.
  5. Click the Request button.
  6. Click the OK button to confirm.
  • Additional security for your account/s.
  • Protect your accounts from unauthorised access by fraudsters.
  • A free and easy to use service.
  • Change the PIN on your card.