Before you travel

Let us know before you go

Contact us before you travel overseas so we can monitor your account more closely. You will also avoid transactions on your cards being stopped by us when we detect overseas purchases. We will need to know your departure date, return date, destination and contact details while you’re away. Alternatively, you can complete the Overseas Travel Form within our Mobile App

Expiry dates

Check the expiry date on your card before you leave. If your card is going to expire before or while you are away, contact us to organise a replacement.

Fees and Charges

Please check and understand the Fees & Charges that may be applicable when using your card overseas.

Smart traveller

To ensure that you are fully prepared for your journey, visit the Australian Government's Smartraveller website for travel advice and valuable information about visas, insurance and vaccinations. Please be aware that some online banking services may not be available in certain sanctioned regions or countries.

Plan your payment options

Consider spreading your money across a variety of payment options, such as your debit card, credit cards, foreign cash or travel card. This can provide peace of mind that you have back up options available, should you need them.

We can also assist with a Cash Passport Platinum Mastercard, which can be loaded with up to 11 currencies and used where Mastercard is accepted.  

How to use your card overseas

Use your G&C Mutual Bank Visa Debit Card or Visa Credit Card wherever the Visa logo is displayed to withdraw cash and make purchases online, in-store and over the phone throughout the world.

When using your card overseas, you will need to insert your card and enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or select "Credit" and enter your PIN.

Please note
that Visa payWave will not work outside Australia. This is to protect you against transactions that bypass your PIN. If your Visa card is lost or stolen, this helps to prevent the card from being used fraudulently for multiple payWave transactions or at contactless ATMs. Please be aware that your card can still be used online, so if your card is lost or stolen it is important that you either lock your card or contact G&C Mutual Bank immediately.

Lost or stolen cards

Lock your card

  • Log into our Mobile App and select "Cards" from the Menu and select "Lock Card" 

Report lost or stolen card immediately

  • Phone us on: +61 2 9307 5400 during business hours or contact Visa Global Customer Assistance +1 303 967 1090 (international) or the VISA International Hotline specific to the country you are in.
  • Email us with the subject: URGENT lost or stolen card

Emergency card or cash

Visa International can arrange for the issue of an emergency replacement card if your card is lost or stolen whilst you are overseas. Visa International bills this charge to your G&C Mutual Bank account (Visa replacement card fee US$175.00).

Visa International can arrange for a cash advance to be issued if your card is lost or stolen whilst you are overseas. (Emergency overseas Visa cash advance fee US$175.00). This fee can be avoided by obtaining cash from any bank displaying the Visa logo after an emergency card has been issued by Visa International.

Please note: If you apply for an emergency replacement card and an emergency cash advance from Visa International, your G&C Mutual Bank account will be debited with both fees (US$350).

Protect yourself while travelling

Safe banking online

Wherever possible, try to avoid or be selective when using public computers to access Online Banking. If unavoidable, please remember to:

  • Be wary of onlookers when typing your passwords.
  • Check the computer has current anti-virus and firewall protection.
  • Log out completely when you finish.


Use ATMs from trusted banks. Not all ATMs are the same and trusted bank ATMs are far more likely to offer better security. Please ensure to always cover your PIN when entering.

Please also be advised that access to ATMs in some countries may be limited, so plan ahead. Consider diversifying your money across your debit card, credit cards and foreign cash.


Always be careful when using Wi-Fi overseas and avoid making payments or logging into Online Banking on public Wi-Fi.

We’re ready to help you stay financially safe overseas to ensure your travels are memorable for all the right reasons.