The 2019 Annual General Meeting of G&C Mutual Bank will be held on Tuesday 19 November 2019. The Board of G&C Mutual Bank call for nominations for two positions of Director. Current Directors Karin Hawkins and Peter Clarke have indicated that they will be nominating for the two positions. If a member intends to stand for election as a Director of G&C Mutual Bank, he/she must complete a Nomination For Director form, which is available from the Company Secretary by contacting 02 9307 5410 or email at


The Constitution requires all Director candidates to be assessed by the Board Governance & Nominations Committee, to determine their fitness and propriety to act as an G&C Mutual Bank Director, in accordance with the requirements of the Board’s Fit & Proper Policy. To determine a candidate’s fitness and propriety under the Board’s Fit & Proper Policy, candidates will be required to submit a Resume of skills and experience and undergo an interview process with the Board’s Governance & Nominations Committee.


In addition, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) which regulates financial institutions requires Boards, through the APRA prudential framework, to ensure the Board maintains a sound governance framework. To comply with this Standard, the Board regularly reviews its composition to ensure an appropriate mix of skills, experience and knowledge to meet the regulatory, governance and strategic needs of the mutual bank.


Following the assessment and interview process the Board will notify potential candidates of their status regarding their interest in Nominating as a Director. Nominations for Director opened on 24 September 2019 and close at 5:00pm on 15 October 2019.


Option to receive Financial Accounts

At the end of each financial year G&C Mutual Bank produces an Annual Report which contains information on G&C Mutual Bank’s financial position and performance, how efficiently it is being managed and any financial risks it may face. As a member and shareholder you can choose to receive a hard copy of the Annual Report by providing your request in writing to us at G&C Mutual Bank, PO Box A253, Sydney South NSW 1235. Alternatively, you may choose to view the Annual Report online via our website.