Welcome to an even more secure online banking experience

Online Banking is a convenient, secure and simple way to manage your money online. G&C Mutual Bank is committed to your security and privacy online, and our SMS One Time Password (SMS OTP) service makes your Online Banking sessions even more secure via two-factor authentication. To provide this extra layer of security, our free and easy to use SMS OTP service will become compulsory. Our members will be contacted in the coming weeks with full details of what to expect during this transition.


What is an SMS OTP?

An SMS OTP is a random six-digit number that is generated by the system when performing certain transactions. It will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS to provide an extra level of authentication. Many of our members are already using the SMS OTP service.


The benefits of SMS OTP

  • Additional security during your Online Banking sessions.
  • Increased protection from fraudulent activity on your account/s.
  • Notification should anyone attempt to access your account/s (providing your registered phone number is correct and up to date).

Review our detailed SMS One Time Password FAQ or contact us to find out more.


A commitment to your online security

At G&C Mutual Bank, we continually enhance our online services as part of our commitment to your online security and privacy. To help you bank online safely, our Security page provides information on a wide range of security measures.

Cybercriminals continue to develop devious scams to trick their victims into handing over their personal details. To help raise awareness of such scams, we partner with Scamwatch and support Scams Awareness Week each year.

For our latest updates on scams, please view the News section on our website or follow us on social media.