A: A One Time Password is random 6 digit number that is generated by the system upon request and gets sent to your mobile phone via SMS. It is required to complete certain transactions within Online Banking and provide an extra level of authentication.

A: SMS One Time Password is a free and easy to use service for our members.

A: SMS One Time Passwords when requesting the following Online Banking activities:

  • Changing your personal details (including access code)
  • Register new personal (external) payees, and update the details of existing (external) payees
  • Make external transfers to non-registered (external) payees
  • Term Deposit Maintenance
  • Online PIN Change

A: You can register for SMS One Time Password via your Online Banking. Click here to view the demo to "Register for SMS One Time Passwords."

A: Once you have logged into Online Banking and registered for SMS One Time Passwords and you are conducting a funds transfer that requires SMS validation, you will see a mobile graphic on the screen.


Click on “Get SMS” button to request and receive the SMS to your registered mobile phone. This code will be unique to your current Online Banking session and remains active for the duration of one session.


Enter your code in the box provided and click “Ok” to continue to complete your transaction or request.

A: You should receive the SMS within 20 seconds of requesting it.

A: No. You need to enter your One Time Password only once per Online Banking session.

A: To register for SMS One Time Password, please login into your Online Banking account and click on Maintenance>Security options and register for SMS One Time Password by following the demo.

A: You can update the mobile number yourself by following the instructions below:

  1. Log on into your Online Banking
  2. Click on update details under the “Maintenance” tab
  3. Click on Contact Details button
  4. Update or enter the new mobile number in the fields provided and select “mobile” from the drop down box.
  5. Click “Update”


* Note: You must check your mobile details before registering for SMS OTP, otherwise you will be prompted to enter the SMS OTP while updating your mobile details.

A: No, as the name suggests the password is valid for one time only.

A: Please contact us on 1300 364 400 and we will disable your SMS One Time Password security options until further notified by you. It means for the period the security options are disabled you will not be prompted to enter your One Time Passwords while performing transactions in Online Banking.

A: If a fraudster manages to obtain your member number and your access code they may be able to transfer funds from your accounts. With SMS One Time Passwords they cannot transfer money to non-personal payees as they cannot receive the code to complete the transaction.

A: Yes you can. You can receive SMS One Time Passwords while overseas if your mobile phone and SIM card allow global roaming, and the country you are in provides a compatible network. Please check with your mobile service provider.