It’s that time of year when many car dealers are busy promoting end of financial year (EOFY) deals and, with a soft start to sales this year, you could potentially find a great bargain. You may be able to benefit from substantial discounts to existing stock, or from a range of optional extras like upgrades or free on-road costs. Here are six tips to help you make the most of these deals on wheels:


  1. Research the market: investigate prices and do not be afraid to walk away from a deal if you feel you can do better elsewhere.

  2. Obtain loan pre-approval: pre-approval can increase your bargaining confidence by confirming exactly how much you can spend.

  3. Negotiate: you may be able to remove deal features you do not need to bring the price down further or negotiate to include additional features.

  4. Review T&Cs: these deals are carefully designed to motivate you to purchase, so always read the fine print to help ensure that the deal is right for you.

  5. Consider dealer delivery fees: these fees do not relate to the dealer delivering your sparkly, brand-new car to you. Instead, they comprise the costs of getting the car ready for sale and for you to collect, such as valeting, mechanical checks and preparing vehicle registration paperwork. Such fees can raise the price so be sure to clarify any delivery fees with the dealer.

  6. Only buy what you can afford: remember that while a car is an expensive and often necessary purchase, it is not an investment as you are unlikely to receive a return on the money you paid for it. As an asset, it will depreciate over time.


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