This International Women’s Day, we’re unwavering in our commitment to breaking the bias many women face in their financial and working lives. Together, we’re consistently working towards gender parity, creating a more just and prosperous world for our members, staff and society.

We actively promote gender neutrality in areas like loan applications for our members. That means we always apply the same financial measures to male and female loan applicants, for example, with no points deducted for an applicant being of child-bearing age or for a woman’s marital status.

“More than four in five Australian women agree they would be more interested in male-dominated industries if they saw women succeeding within their industry.”  Reckitt Health A/NZ marketing director, Holly McCarthy1

You can’t be what you can’t see, and a big part of breaking the bias for our employees includes having four very experienced women on our six-member Executive Team. Not only are they crucial to guiding our business, but they act as inspiring role models for women in our bank and our industry.

Our own CEO, Rosanna Argall, has been featured in an article by the Global Alliance for Banking on Values. Rosanna highlighted how "implementation of flexible working arrangements at G&C Mutual Bank, has resulted in strong female representation at every level of the organisation and an almost 90% rate of return from maternity leave over the past 10 years." 

Breaking the bias together makes us a more rewarding community bank for everybody—happy International Women’s Day.