The International Day of Friendship was proclaimed in 2011 by the UN General Assembly with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.

It has long been suggested that friendships in the workplace can not only boost job satisfaction and performance, but also improve wellness. They also help encourage collaboration and diverse thinking.


In celebration of International Day of Friendship held on July 30, we asked our staff about the importance of forming strong friendships in the workplace, forged through our values of teamwork and integrity. Michelle Martin, one of our longest serving team members, shares her experience about the strong friendships she’s built over her 20 years with G&C Mutual Bank.


Q: What does International Day of Friendship mean to you?

A: It is an opportunity to acknowledge the friendships you have formed over the years, both personally and professionally. I have been very fortunate to have developed long-term friendships with current and previous staff who have worked for G&C Mutual Bank. I feel these friendships have made my time with G&C Mutual Bank very enjoyable and has fostered a positive environment to work in over the years.


Q: Tell us about the friendships you’ve developed over your time with G&C Mutual Bank?

A: Since starting to work for G&C Mutual Bank over 20 years ago at our old Liverpool Hospital Branch, I have been lucky to be able to establish friendships with current staff and have also stayed in touch with staff who have since left for new adventures, remaining friends throughout the years. We regularly catch up as a group, and individually, every few months for lunches and other get togethers.


Q: How do you feel these friendships have you impacted your experience working with G&C Mutual Bank?

A: Working in a team environment, I feel it is essential for the team to support and encourage each other to achieve the best they can for our members. I know my team feel comfortable coming to me for that support and know that I will do my best for them in return. I have established a special bond with my fellow team members which enables us all to be happy and positive in our work environment. It is this positive environment that enables us to deliver the best service we can for our members and support them to achieve their financial goals.



“Friendships, whether personal or professional, are the foundation to life and make our lives an adventure with every step you share together.” – Michelle Martin, Member Service


Our Values

At G&C Mutual Bank, our staff are passionate about helping others and our culture is underpinned by our values, which we strive to live in all aspects of our work. We’re a bank for you, the people you work with, and the people you know. A more rewarding community bank for everybody.



This International Day of Friendship, we would like to thank all our members and staff members for being part of our community.