As the sponsor of the NSW Ambulance Employee of the Month Awards, G&C Mutual Bank is pleased to announce the recipient for May: Jenni Pedler.
Congratulations, Jenni!

NSW Ambulance Employee of the Month for May 2021

Jenni Pedler, Paramedic Specialist, Haberfield Station

A paramedic for the past 25 years, Jenni has been recognised for her tireless work in overseeing non-transport and referral decisions and pathways with various key stakeholders in NSW Health, NSW Ambulance, community health, and GPs.

“In a million years I would have never expected this,” Jenni said of winning the award. “I was truly shocked. It was really kind of somebody to nominate me and it was certainly not expected.”

A qualified ECP (extended care paramedic) and ICP (intensive care paramedic), Jenni has been praised for continually working to empower and develop staff by providing further training and development with non-transport and referral decisions, pathways and associated documentation.

“We’ve got a fantastic team of ECPs at Haberfield. I don’t really feel like I’ve done that much to deserve this because it makes things a lot easier when you are working with great people,”
Jenni said.

Jenni is passionate about ensuring patients receive the most appropriate and timely health care, utilising the most appropriate resources to ensure the best outcomes for those patients.

By connecting patients with the appropriate health care providers, Jenni has been credited with helping to decrease the amount of transports and extended hospital stays of many patients.

Her efforts in helping to decrease the transportation of lower acuity patients, who can be suitably managed in the community with an all-of-health approach, have helped to improve organisational performance and strategic objectives.

Jenni received a $250 G&C Mutual Bank savings account and she has the opportunity to receive a further $2,000 G&C Mutual Bank savings account for the NSW Ambulance Employee of the Year Award. The recipient of the Employee of the Year Award will be chosen from the 2021 Honour Roll of Employees of the Month.

Thank you, NSW Ambulance, for everything you do for our community.