NSW Ambulance employees go above and beyond for the community, and G&C Mutual Bank is proud to sponsor the NSW Ambulance Employee of the Month Awards. Congratulations to Sukhvinder and Ann for winning the March and April awards respectively.


NSW Ambulance Employee of the Month: March 2024
Congratulations Sukhvinder S

Sukhvinder S, Manager Patient Billing – State Operations Centre


Sukhvinder joined the Finance Revenue team in August 2004 as a data entry clerk. “After three years I was promoted to team leader, and then I worked in salary packaging for eight years until it was outsourced, and I moved into patient billing. By proactively upskilling myself and expressing my enthusiasm, I was able to avail the opportunities that have come my way.”

In his role, Sukhvinder plays his part in ensuring NSW Ambulance continues to deliver excellence in customer service as well as patient care. He believes if you do your job and support your team, you will be recognised for it and indeed he has, with this Employee of the Month accolade following a certificate of appreciation he received from Health Minister, Ryan Park last year.

“It feels great to be appreciated for the work you do, and it’s nice to receive that recognition from the executive team,” said Sukhvinder.



NSW Ambulance Employee of the Month: April 2024
Congratulations Ann P

Ann P, Station Officer – Tamworth City Station


Ann has been employed by NSW Ambulance for nearly 23 years commencing in July 2001. She is an amazing mentor and paramedic to the community of Tamworth and goes above and beyond for her patients, staff and bystanders when faced with confronting scenes.

As the Station Officer of Tamworth City Station and an intensive care paramedic, she also ensures that her staff have an advanced understanding of learning expectations in the provision of care to the community. Ann has identified the need for a welcoming environment within the workplace and ensures that all paramedics feel supported. Ann makes cakes for staff members' birthdays, hosts baby showers for expectant staff and makes the time to orientate new staff.

Ann continuously strives to accommodate requests with roster projections and always has an open-door policy to support staff. Ann is known for her commitment to staff welfare and will always make time for a chat. Staff development is high on her priority list, and she strives to create learning opportunities for everyone.

“I am truly humbled by this nomination. I have had the privilege of working with some amazing mentors, leaders and peers throughout my career who have inspired me to grow and develop as a paramedic and a manager” said Ann.



Sukhvinder and Ann received $250 in prize money from G&C Mutual Bank and have the opportunity to receive a further $2,000 in prize money from G&C Mutual Bank for the NSW Ambulance Employee of the Year Award. The recipient of the Employee of the Year Award will be chosen from the 2024 Honour Roll of Employees of the Month. G&C Mutual Bank has sponsored the NSW Ambulance Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year Awards for over a decade. It’s our way of thanking NSW Ambulance employees for their service to the community.

Thank you, NSW Ambulance, for everything you do for our community.


Article source: NSW Ambulance


About the NSW Ambulance Employee Awards

Each month, a staff member is recognised with the Employee of the Month Award for demonstrating outstanding performance or innovation. At the end of the year, the Employee of the Year is chosen from the Honour Roll of monthly award recipients.

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