The use of cheques in Australia, and around the world is in decline. The Government’s Strategic Plan for Australia’s Payments System, released on 7 June 2023, includes a plan to phase out the cheque system nationally. Moreover, as more people move to alternative digital payment options, data from the Australian Payments Network identifies that cheque usage in Australia has declined by 83% over the last 10 years.


Given these industry changes and following a review of G&C Mutual Bank’s member chequing service, we will be discontinuing member cheque books from 1 February 2024.

Alternative ways to continue banking

We want to support members through these changes, and this includes ensuring you are aware of the alternative payment options available to you, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

A. For security reasons, please destroy your cheque or deposit books. Alternatively, you can bring them into your local Service Centre and we’ll securely destroy them for you.

If you still use cheques, you’ll need to make alternative payment arrangements using one of the alternative payment options listed above.

A. The following services will be discontinued:

  • Issuing of new member cheque books
  • Issuing of replacement member cheque books

A. Unfortunately, the cheque will not be honoured, you will need to make an alternative arrangement to make payment.

A. You will need to get in touch with them and request they bank the cheque prior to 1st February 2024 or make arrangements to pay them via an alternative method.

A. We are still able to issue you a Bank Cheque from one of our Service Centres, these can be collected or mailed to you. Please note that fees apply for this service.