As a participant in the Australian Government’s Home Guarantee Scheme (HGS), G&C Mutual Bank is proud to help even more first home buyers realise their home ownership dreams through the First Home Guarantee (FHBG) program.


From 1 July 2023, 35,000 First Home Guarantees will be made available for loans to eligible first home buyers and eligible previous home owners with a deposit of between 5 and 20 per cent of the property value.


The First Home Guarantee can be used for individual or joint applicants to build a new home or purchase an existing home, without needing to pay for Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) or rely on a guarantor. For a property to be eligible, it must be a residential property as defined by the program. Investment properties will not be supported by the First Home Guarantee.


The following eligibility criteria apply:

  • Applying as an individual or joint applicants
  • Australian citizens or permanent residents who are at least 18 years of age
  • A taxable income of up to $125,000 for individuals or $200,000 for joint applicants
  • You must be an owner occupier of the property you are purchasing
  • You must be first home buyers who have not previously owned, or had an interest in, a property in Australia in the last 10 years


To find out more, including your eligibility, refer to Housing Australia website.

First Home Guarantee FAQ's:

The Australian Government has introduced under the Home Guarantee Scheme, the First Home Guarantee (FHBG) to support first home buyers purchase a home sooner. Housing Australia provides a guarantee that will allow eligible first home buyers to purchase a home with a deposit of as little as 5%, without needing to pay for Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) or rely on a guarantor.



You can check your potential eligibility on the Housing Australia website. There's different eligibility criteria depending on whether you are applying as an individual or joint applicant. If you're ineligible for the Scheme, we'll work with you to explore other options to help you get into your first home.

The maximum property price varies depending on your location. Use Housing Australia's online tool to check the property price threshold for the suburb in which you are looking to purchase. 

Reservations for the First Home Guarantee through G&C Mutual Bank are available now. Places are limited, so contact us for more information.

We'll help you navigate the process, and submit a request to reserve a place in the Scheme on your behalf.

Should you have any queries, we're ready to help you via our online home loan applicationonline enquiry form, by phone on 1300 364 400, in person at one of our Service Centres, or connect with a Mobile Lender to discuss your financial circumstances at a time and place that suits you. 

First Home Owner Grant: The First Home Owner Grant is a government scheme providing a one-off payment for eligible first home buyers who purchase or build a residential property to live in.

Stamp duty concessions: Stamp duty is a tax levied by state or territory governments on certain purchases, including buying a home, land, or investment property. Depending on your state or territory, you may be eligible for concessions as a first home buyer.

The First Home Super Saver Scheme: The First Home Super Saver Scheme allows you to save money for your first home using your superannuation fund. This scheme, run by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), helps first home buyers save faster by allowing them to withdraw voluntary super contributions they’ve made to their super.

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