• Money is transferred in near real-time with close to immediate funds availability, even if the individuals involved use different financial institutions or it's on a weekend.
  • You can include more data than before to more accurately describe your payments, such as a longer description and even emojis.
  • You can leverages the PayID, which means you don't need to disclose BSB or Account Numbers to make and receive payments.

A: Osko® by BPAY is implemented through G&C Mutual Bank's digital channels which meet all the security demands (SMS One Time Passwords) applied by us.

A: Osko® by BPAY is a digital service which will be offered through G&C Mutual Bank's Online Banking and Mobile App. This means the service will be easy to access alongside your existing banking service.

PayID is the name of the New Payments Platform addressing service. It’s a function of the platform that allows you to link your G&C Mutual Bank accounts to easy to remember pieces of information such as mobile phone numbers and email addresses.