Same great product features, with a fresh new look and enhanced security specifications

In addition to being upgraded with the latest chip technology and security specifications, our range of Visa credit and debit cards has recently been given a fresh new look. Keep an eye out as these are currently being rolled out for new card orders, and for renewal cards from May 2021.



What's new?

Some of the key features of these new cards include:

  • Latest security specifications
  • Updated chip technology to improve user security
  • Improved contactless performance to provide a better user experience
  • Removal of signature panel
  • Simplified card design with personalisation now positioned on back of card
  • Vertical orientation of card front with single colour, matt finish making it easier to identify in your wallet

These changes apply to our range of cards including our award-winning Low Rate Visa Credit Card, our rewarding Platinum Visa Credit Card and our Visa Debit Card.

We’re ready to help you
Should you have any queries regarding this update or require any assistance, please contact us.